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Ye Olde Page of Mods


A game that puts you on the island of Vvardenfell under mysterious circumstances. Released from prison, from unknown parents, born at an unknown time. You carve out your image on the island and (SPOILER!) kill Dagoth Ur, the ultimate scourge and bringer of blight on the island. Tribunal brings you to Morrowind's captial Mournhold on an all new adventure. The new expansion Bloodmoon, puts you on an all new northern island and lets you become a werewolf. Who smells replayability?

Post Apocalypse/Perseverance
-Post Apocalyspe/Perseverance Forums
Description of Mod:
Turns Morrowind into a post apocalyptic world, sort of like Fallout and Fallout 2. See website for more information. Currently, we are pursuing a new website and forums. Made by Incognito, Hellwolve, Arach, Demon, me, and anyone I forgot. NOT FINISHED

Infinity Engine Games Mods (BG2 and IWD2)

Using the Dungeons and Dragons Ruleset and the Infinity graphics engine, the Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale game series creates a game world in the Forgotten Realms, on the continent of Faerun. Baldur's Gate 2 boasts at least 100 hours of playing, while Icewind Dale 2 is the hack and slash of the series.

I'm attempting to join the Chosen of Mystra as an item man, so stay tuned, faithful listener.

Nathell Flomein - Item Whore!
Mod Description:
Adds items from BG2 to Icewind Dale 2, plus some crappy goodies I made :). Of course, the items that were made by Westley Wiemer won't conflict, but a few were already made in his mod (Jansen AdventureWear, Jansen Skull Bolt Thing). Therefore, the only items that are the same in both mods are the sets (drow and Jansen). I am not including items like the Equalizer or the Flail of Ages, so go download his mod if you want them.
Mithril Chain Mail +4 (Drizzt's armor)#
Frostbrand (Drizzt's scimitar)
Twinkle (Drizzt's scimitar)
Celestial Fury*
Gorgon Plate +4*
Rifthome Axe +3*
Mana Bow +4*
Cloak of Balduran*
Shandalar's Cloak*
Drow Weapons and Armor*(with no nasty disintegrate in sunlight)
All of Jan Jansen's collection of armor and weapons*
Haldberd +4: Wave
Crom Faeyr*
Knee Capper +2*